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Relevant IT Service elements

Our IT support services are bespoke to each individual company and tend to include a combination of the IT elements below: 


IT Consultancy
Computer Repairs
IT Managed Support
Web Design
Backup and Disaster Recovery 
Server and Network Administration
System Monitoring
IT Projects
IT Infrastructure
Business Connectivity
Home Connectivity
IT Security Services
Onsite Support
Remote Desktop Solution

Lets start with the basics in our PC repair division...

Broken Laptop Screen

Have you accidentally dropped your laptop and broken the screen? Or even hit it in a fit of rage!?

We can replace most makes and models of laptop screen for a fixed price. And for this price we not only fit the screen but, unlike some of our competitors, we do a full hardware check on the laptop to make sure that no other damage has been done. This ensures you're not paying out for a new screen only to find the hard drive has sustained damage.

Computer Repairs

Here at Lerouxe Technologies, our engineers have years of experience diagnosing and repairing badly behaved computers. Whether your computer simply isn't powering on, or just sits there and beeps at you or Windows is stubbornly refusing to load, bring it in to our workshop and we'll whip it into shape.

Computer Upgrades

Maybe your computer just need an upgrade, we have a wealth of experience in pin-pointing particular problem areas and recommending upgrades that will solve them. Whether it's a bigger hard drive, more memory, better graphics card, faster processor or a brand new motherboard, we have the solution for you tailored to your specific requirements.

Virus Removal & Service

We've all done it - Clicked on a link we shouldn't have or opened an email attachment supposedly from someone you trust. Before you know it your computer is running slowly, showing popups or worse still, encrypting your files so you cannot access them. If you think you have a virus then contact Lerouxe Technologies as soon as possible and we'll get rid of any nasties lurking on it. We will offer you free advice after that and suggest even free products that you can use to stay protected.







IT management solutions

We’re here to make your IT systems as reliable and effective as they can possibly be. First-class IT support saves you time, money and hassle so you can focus on growing your business.



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