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About the people behind the service

Great IT support does involve cutting-edge technology and reliable systems, but it’s the insight, understanding and expertise of our people that make us a great IT partner. Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Lerouxe Technologies is an IT Service provider that was first established in 2008. for almost 8 years Lerouxe Technologies have been managing IT services for Johannesburg based businesses and homes. During that time, we have developed the aim of ensuring real-time protection of business revenue by establishing strong dependable IT services.  

We provide front-line IT assistance for users, manage all aspects of security, backups, networking, hardware management and our partner solutions. These specific services ensure that our customers have a competent and focused IT team behind them. They rest easy in the knowledge that we have all of the important bases covered, with new tools that offer fantastic opportunities for growth.


How can we help you?

Flexible IT support services from  Lerouxe Technologies




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